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Weaving social emotional learning activities across your school day will help students develop functional social and coping skills that they can use when they need them. Vary the practice and review for increased success.


Here is a list of ways you can schedule prosocial skills review to improve on and build social emotional skills.

  • Class rules that promote prosocial skills: Keep these rules posted in a place students will regularly see them. Refer to them when you see students modeling them and when you need to talk to students about their behavior.
  • Have a calm down corner: We use the Zones of Regulation in my classroom, so my corner has that theme. This space should be a place where students can go if they are struggling to calm down, self-regulate, etc.
  • Keep books in your reading nook that highlight the social skills that you want to see more of. Click the picture below to read about my 10 favorite books to use.
10 books to teach social skills blog post featured image
  • Schedule feelings check-ins: I like to schedule a check-in around arrival, dismissal and after recess. There are days we do more check-ins based on how the day is going. We use the materials in the Feelings Bundle. The pictures are simple and relatable for my students.
  • Use self-reflection sheets to help students look back at incidents and coping strategies to see if they were helpful or what they could change next time. The sheets below are free in our resource library. Click here to join if you aren’t part of our community yet.
sensory self-reflection forms from the free resource library
  • Add review into centers, task bins and independent work systems. I use the interactive books and task cards to target reading and social skills at the same time.
Feelings task cards from the Feelings bundle
  • Embed social emotional learning into academics. Click here to read how to do that.

No matter what you decide to add to your day, make sure you sprinkle varied practice into your school day. Students are much more likely to learn and apply the skills when it’s naturally part of their environment and day.

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