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Teaching and practicing vocabulary in a game format, helps students remain engaged and leads to better learning. Vocabulary or theme words are easily added to BINGO and can be adapted with little effort for the different levels in your classroom.


I choose 9 words to focus on at a time and insert them into an editable BINGO game board using Google Drive.

Photo of adding the vocabulary pictures to the BINGO board.

Next, I duplicate the board and move the vocabulary pictures around to different spots on the BINGO board. Next, decide how you want the calling cards. Here are your choices:

  • Photo or pictures only
  • Picture label (vocabulary word) only
  • Definition only
  • Combination of all of the choices.

Personally, I tend to do a combination because it allows me to use the cards with a variety of levels. For example, the card below can be used with someone who is at the picture level, label level or definition level.

Photo of the BINGO calling card for the vocabulary word bowls.

The best part, is the BINGO board is editable, so I can switch out the vocabulary or theme related materials and use it over and over. So easy!!

Don’t worry, I have you covered! Click HERE to grab a copy of the FREE editable BINGO game to use in your classroom or program. I already have it loaded with life skill vocabulary.

  • Prefer pre-made games where all of the work has been done for you? Check out these sets:

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