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Feature, Function, Class Activity- Low Prep · Mrs. P’s Specialties

Use this low prep activity to build language and understanding of feature, function and class with your students. It can be used in the classroom while socially distancing or during distance learning.


For this activity, students will listen to your direction and then place a sticker or mark the word representing the feature, function or class from your direction. For example, the student would place a sticker on the word knife if your direction was “Place the sticker on something you cut with.”


All you need to prep this activity is to write or type words randomly on a paper. Copy or print enough for each student to have one. You will also need a copy for yourself. As you give a direction about a word, cross it off on your copy of the sheet.


Tips to adapt for students:

  • Alter the spacing between words
  • Instead of a messy array of words, create rows or columns of words
  • Change the method of marking their answers…. use markers, daubers, stamps, etc.
  • Use pictures instead of words for non-readers
  • Alternate or vary the types of commands you give so students can generalize the skill

Example of varied commands or directions to practice feature, function and class:

  • “Place a sticker on something you read.” (function)
  • “Find something with a tail and put a sticker on it.” (feature)
  • “Stick a sticker on a fruit.” (class)

Ways to use this during distance learning:

  • Drop off, mail or attach the student sheet in Google Classroom for students to use during a live session on Google Meets, Zoom, etc. This is a great way to practice feature, function and class in a group setting.
  • Share your screen (with the student sheet displayed) and have students take control and mark his or her answers. This is best in a one to one session.

This activity pairs well with these Feature, Function, Class interactive books.


Read more about the theme units we use by clicking the links below.


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